What is the Flower Foundation?

Flower Foundation Retirement Homes is a Non Profit Organisation registered under the Non Profit Organisations Act No 71 of 1997 No.000-836 NPO. It operates in the environs of greater Johannesburg.
In 1963, three extraordinary people, Moray Franz, Florrie Richter and Dr Archie Borowitz founded the Flower Foundation, to provide accommodation and care for men and women over 55.


The idea came to them from Sweden where people were encouraged to give money towards the elderly in memory of a loved one, instead of giving flowers, when they died. These enthusiastic and determined people paved the way for what is now known as the Flower Foundation.

From left to right: Moray Franz, Florrie Richter and Dr Archie Borowitz

From left to right: Moray Franz, Florrie Richter and Dr Archie Borowitz

What are its aims and objectives?
The Flower Foundation caters for the needs of our elderly by providing suitable accommodation and care. Taking into consideration the diverse cultures of our society, we offer the advantages and economies of community living.


The Flower Foundation aims, as far as is practicable, to provide security of tenure and to empower the elderly with continued home ownership. When failing health makes this no longer possible, the Flower Foundation provides expert nursing and care for its residents. The Flower Foundation seeks to use all current knowledge to extend the years of active, healthy and useful living and encourage continuing purposeful lives.pat_comins


The Flower Foundation’s star volunteer was Mrs Pat Comins of Bedfordview. She served our residents in the Kensington Area for over 40 years, and was a major benefactor of the Flower Foundation. Would you also like to volunteer your time? If so, please contact us.


>> Please find the latest amended Constitution here.

How is the Flower Foundation financed?

The Flower Foundation is a non-profit organisation and receives no financial assistance from Public Funds in respect of its current expenses and operational costs. It operates on a self-supporting basis, whereby each unit meets its expenditure out of its own current income. This income is derived from fees levied on each unit.

There is a great need in the community for the kind of accommodation, security and companionship, which the Flower Foundation is able to offer, and we are anxious to meet this need as far as our resources will permit. For some of its funds, and for the provision of capital to extend its activities into other communities, the Flower Foundation relies heavily on donations and bequests.

What can I do to help?

  • You could make annual donations and become a Friend of the Flower Foundation.
  • You could donate an amount of your choice to one of the Flower Foundation’s Funds or Trust.
  • You could bequeath portion of your estate to the Flower Foundation in your will.
  • You could request that donations in lieu of flowers be made to the Flower Foundation.
  • You could become a volunteer worker in any one of our units and assist us in continuing the inspiration of the Flower Foundation founders.