What is a Tenancy Right?

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What is a Tenancy Right

A Tenancy Right is a well recognised retirement housing model practiced worldwide. If offers security of tenure for you and your spouse and is recognised by the Housing Schemes for Retired Persons Act 65 of 1988.

Benefits of a Tenancy Right:

  • No transfer fees
  • No registration or legal fees
  • No agents’ commissions
  • Physical and financial Security
  • Access to nursing care
  • Structural insurance covered by the Foundation
  • Refund based on Tenancy Rights sales price, not original purchase price
  • Reasonably priced accommodation, generally lower than full title or sectional title homes
  • The Foundation remains the sole owner of the property, therefore the ongoing responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep of the village and exterior of the units remains the responsibility of the Foundation

It is an up-front cash payment, for the right to occupy a residence. Upon signing an agreement a 20% deposit is payable and a once-off non-refundable R16 000 admin fee. The balance of the Tenancy Right is due one week before occupation date as per the agreement.

A resident’s right to remain in the accommodation depends on health and ability.

What refund can I expect?

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What refund can I expect

When a resident vacates the unit, it is refurbished at the resident’s cost and resold. Refurbishing the unit means fixing up the interior and includes carpeting and painting. A percentage of the new Tenancy Right is refunded to the resident. The value of the unit generally escalates annually.

Repayment of Tenancy Rights to the resident is based on a sliding scale:

  • 0-6 months – 70% refund
  • 7-24 months – 60% refund
  • 25 + months – 50% refund

Refunds of a Tenancy Right are only paid out once the unit has been sold and the new Tenancy Right has been paid in full by the new resident. Refunds are paid into the residents bank account or the estate late bank account. Where agreements state that units have been financed by a third party (eg: children), then the refund will be paid out to that third party.

If a resident transfers to a Flower Foundation care center, the due percentage is retained by the Foundation on behalf of the resident and these funds are used to cover a portion of the care levy. The resident will also receive a 10% discount on the care levy.

For couples who have purchased a Tenancy Right, the agreement is signed in both partners names, therefore, if one spouse transfers to the care center, the remaining spouse stays on in the cottage. The Refund of the Tenancy Right will be paid out to the remaining spouse or their estate when they vacate the cottage.

The Application & Purchase Process

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The Application and Purchase Process

Applying for accommodation is a simple 3 step application and approval process.

  1. Application form completed to reserve the unit
  2. Deed of surety The Foundation requires a deed of surety from a family member or close friend when the applicant’s finances have been assessed and found that there may not be sufficient to cover the applicant for the rest of their life. When assessing finances, the Foundation also considers the costs of full care both now and in the future.

The Foundation can call upon the surety in the future should the applicant need financial assistance with any of the following items:

  • Monthly levy
  • Electricity and water (cottage / flat residents)
  • Laundry (cottage / flat residents)
  • Maintenance and repairs (cottage / flat residents)
  • Hairdresser
  • Podiatrist
  • Manicurist
  • Sundry medication, oxygen, dressings etc
  • Gate activator and or personal panic button
  • Incontinent products
  • Lost keys (where applicable and on request)
  • Meals & refreshments (where applicable and on request)
  • Carport / garage rental (where applicable and on request)
  • Additional care-giver or private nurse charges. (where applicable and on request)

The object of this surety is to ensure that all applications in independent living, assisted living and full care are covered from a financial aspect. The Foundation is a registered Non-profit organisation and needs tom protect its interests by ensuring that all incoming applications will not become reliant on the Foundation should their funds become depleted.

3.  Medical report form completed by GP For all new applications for residency, a Foundation Medical Report Form must be completed by your doctor. The medicals are submitted to the Matron of the village who will meet with you for a nursing assessment. Once finances and  medicals have been approved, arrangements can be made to sign the agreement. 

Can I get Nursing Care in my Cottage?

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Can I get Nursing Care in my Cottage

The Foundation has several assisted living and full care centers which are designed to cater and care for the needs of the frail elderly. For this reason, we do not allow cottage nursing on a permanent basis.

What’s the difference between Assisted Living & Full Care?

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What is the difference between Assisted Living and Full Care?

Assisted Living requires assistance with activities of daily living.

This includes basic care such as:

  • Bathing
  • Beds made and linen changed
  • Room cleaning
  • Three meals daily and refreshments
  • Dressing
  • Laundry service
  • Ordering, control and administration of medication
  • Nursing care includes simple treatment of pressure areas, wound care and dressings
  • The resident must be able to get himself to the communal facilities, like the lounge, dining room etc. independently.

Full Care requires direct assistance with all activities.

  • Bathing
  • Beds made and linen changed
  • Room cleaning
  • Three meals daily and refreshments
  • Dressing
  • Laundry service
  • Ordering, control and administration of medication
  • 24hr observation
  • Nursing care as required This includes care of pressure areas, wound care, dressings and catheter or stoma care, bed bathing, transfers to and from wheel chair.

Are there Additional Costs?

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Are there Additional Costs?

  • When purchasing a Tenancy Right unit, there is a R16 000 admin fee payable when signing the agreement. It is a once off fee and is non-refundable
  • Monthly levies are payable for all units.

How often are prices increased?

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How often are prices increased

Tenancy Rights and levies are revised annually and changes take effect on 1 April every year.

What Services are included in the Levies?

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What Services are included in the Levies?

The Foundation is not government subsidised and therefore monthly levies are used to cover the running costs of the village and include the following:

For Retirement Villages:

(* depending on village)

  • Security
  • Communal water and electricity
  • Rates and Taxes
  • Water usage *
  • Cleaning service*
  • Communal garden service
  • Insurance of buildings
  • Management of the village
  • Maintenance of the village
  • Access to wellness clinics and emergency support
  • Panic button system
  • Use of communal facilities

(Water and electricity usage are billed individually according to usage)

For Residential Living and Care Centres*

  • As above
  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Water usage
  • Electricity usage
  • Cleaning service
  • Nursing assistance *

Are Pets Allowed?

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Yes, we are a small pet friendly organisation.

Application for a pet must be in writing to the resident committee for approval.

Sorry, but the following villages do not allow cats:

  • Silver Stream Village and Chalets
  • Maxhaven Village
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Witpoortjie Village

For health reasons, pets are not permitted in the care centers.

Am I allowed to make alterations?

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Units are re-carpeted and painted prior to occupation. If you require other improvements / alterations to the unit the following procedures must be followed:

  • Request in writing addressed to the CEO, Mr J Raubenheimer, detailing the alterations required. This request can be made prior to signing an agreement but no later than 1 week after signing an agreement. The Projects Manager will discuss your requirements with you. Feasible alterations will be agreed to in writing by the CEO. Alterations will only commence after an agreement has been signed.
  • All costs of alterations are for your account and the Foundation takes no responsibility for billing, payments or risks associated with the alterations, or delays to the agreed occupation date. Electrical alterations will require an electrical certificate of compliance.
  • The Foundation has its approved contractors who you can make use of for your alterations.

Waiting Lists

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Waiting Lists

Some villages naturally have longer waiting lists than others. However, for various reasons vacancies may still be available to those not on a waiting list. Please contact the Sales Department for waiting lists details related to the village you are interested in.  Sales can be contacted on 011 781 4920 or

We encourage you to complete an application form in order to be placed on the list to plan for your retirement. There is a once off non-refundable application fee of R350 and the annual subscription fee is currently R300.

 For waiting list applications:

  • Complete application form.
  • Attach two recent ID photos of yourself (and spouse if applicable).
  • Attach proof of payment of R350 application fee to application form.

Once the application forms, and proof of payment have been received you will receive a letter confirming your placement on the waiting list and your subscription number.

If you are applying for independent living and are 75 years of age or older, you may be required to have our medicals forms completed by your doctor and returned to us.

You may opt for two choices on the waiting list by choosing either two villages or two unit sizes at the same village

Applications must be return to the Sales department at head Office. Fax to 011 781-4931 or e-mail or post to PO Box 3442, Randburg, 2125

We anticipate you having five years and more productive, quality living, in one of our independent units. It is therefore advisable that you keep us updated on your health and other relevant circumstances.

Is there an Age Limit?

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Is there an Age Limit

Anyone from the age of 55 can apply for accommodation. There is no upper age limit for acceptance into accommodation, however, an applicant’s health and medical needs are considered when applying for accommodation.

The Foundation strives to place residents in the right environment that will cater for their health and medical needs and is based on the doctors medical report and Matrons’ medical assessment. 

Are Meals Provided?

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Are Meals Provided

The following villages have a dining room where meals can be taken at extra cost. Visitors are welcome to join residents for a meal.

  • Elm Park Village – Northcliff
  • Silver Stream Village & Chalets  – Randburg
  • Willowbrook Village – Sandton (meals included in levy)
  • Witpoortjie Village – Witpoortjie
  • Zonneveld estate – Witpoortjie 

Is there Care on Site?

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All residents have access to care, whether that care is on site or not. For villages where there is no care center on site, residents will be transferred to the nearest care center or a care center of their choice.

Care On Site

Care off site

Care center only

Elm Park Village NorthcliffSilver Stream Village & Chalets RandburgWillowbrook Village SandtonWitpoortjie Village WitpoortjieZonneveld Village Witpoortjie Erica and Protea (Kensington Gardens) KensingtonMaxhaven Village CrestaOrchid Place Houghton Waverley Gardens Memory Care WaverleyPioneer House Oaklands

What Parking is Available?

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What Parking is Available

Some units will have a garage while others have carports.

Garage Carport
*Not necessarily attached. *Included in levy *Not necessarily attached * Monthly charge
  • Elm Park Village – Northcliff
  • Silver Stream Village – Randburg
  • Orchid Place – Houghton
  • Witpoortjie Village – Witpoortjie
  • Zonneveld Estate – Witpoortjie
  • Erica and Protea  – Kensington
  • Maxhaven Village – Cresta
  • Silver Stream Chalets – Randburg
  • Willowbrook Village – Sandton
  • Witpoortjie Village – Witpoortjie
  • Zonneveld Estate – Witpoortjie

*T&C apply. While every effort has been made to ensure the information in this section is correct, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice to any of the above.